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My DiSC – Influence!

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DiSC Definitions

As part of one of the courses that the Education Department teaches at Concord Rents, we were all required to take our DiSC evaluation– and boy was I excited! Anyone who knows me knows that I love this kind of stuff. To find out more information about your behavior, your personality, and your strengths– man, this is great stuff!

My DiSC Chart

As it turns out, I am a full-on “i” on the Everything DiSC Workplace­­® Profile, which means that my style is “Influence.” Well, that’s where the dot lies, anyways, which gives you an idea of which style I am strongly inclined to. The style of Influence has attributes like Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, High-spirited, and Lively. Cool!

The bigger picture with the profile, however, is how it determines the priorities that shape my workplace experience. For those priorities, we look to the shaded areas to get a clearer picture of the primary areas where people focus their energy. For my profile, the priorities are listed below in order of descending intensity:

Generating Enthusiasm

The profile says I maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, and that I most likely assume the best in people and look at the bright side of any given situation. (Spot on!) Furthermore, my energy fuels my exuberance and I’m usually open and expressive with my opinions and emotions. Because I like to encourage team spirit, I focus on generating enthusiasm. (Whoa– this is accurate stuff!)

Taking Action

The profile details that people with the i style like excitement and fast movement. Most likely, I am energized by innovative, groundbreaking solutions, and I’m eager to hit the ground running. (Yup– pretty much!) In fact, my rapid pace might be too much for others, and rather than slowing down to meet their needs, I may encourage them to keep up with you. (Introspectively, I am making a note to keep an eye on this for a healthy balance.) My willingness to take quick action can help the group move forward.

Valuing Collaboration

Like others with the i style, I’m probably friendly and outgoing and I prefer working with others. (Nail on the head!) Most likely, I enjoy meeting new people and finding opportunities to interact. In fact, I probably have a difficult time understanding people who would rather work independently. (I used to, but I am much more flexible on this.) The report says that I value collaboration because I think it not only leads to better outcomes, but it makes the job more fun. (So true!)

Getting Results

The report states that I seem to be highly focused on results, which is not typical of the i style. Whether it’s achieving my goals or simply reaching the next milestone, I tend to prioritize getting things done. (Oh yeah– definitely me!) As a result, I keep striving until I reach my objectives, regardless of the obstacles in my way. Ultimately, I probably make it clear that I am determined to succeed. (It’s like they’re reading my mind!)

Offering Challenge

Although it’s somewhat unusual for someone with the i style, the report stated that I am probably willing to ask questions and challenge assumptions when present with new ideas. I place a high value on competency, and when I spot a flaw, I am likely to speak up about it. (For sure, that’s me.) Furthermore, if I encounter methods that I think lack common sense or a logical basis, I probably make others aware of my discomfort. (But I always provide a solution!)


One of the other things that I love about this report is the Motivators section, which describes many of the aspects of the workplace that I would probably enjoy:

  • Meeting new people
  • Being the center of attention
  • Inspiring others to do their best
  • Initiating colorful projects
  • Being around people who are lively and charismatic
  • Achieving immediate results
  • Working toward challenging goals
  • Working with people who have high standards
  • Using logic to solve problems

In addition to the motivations in the workplace, the profile provides possible Stressors, which is amazing because I love to know where my limitations could be. Knowing is half the battle and lets me be aware of where I might improve or adjust my behavior to come out successful. Remember, I like getting results? 🙂

  • Giving people unpleasant feedback (Thankfully, I have worked on this to be comfortable with this process and I feel that I can do it gracefully.)
  • Being forceful or insistent with others (Not usually a problem with me when I switch into “D” style.)
  • Being isolated for long periods
  • Working steadily toward long-term goals (I have found that was the case a while back… and an agile task-management system helps keep me focused to be successful.)
  • Being in a dull or unsocial environment
  • Facing the possibility of failure
  • Being forced to give up on your ideas
  • Dealing with people who do not meet your standards
  • Having to keep your opinions to yourself

Another great thing about this profile is that it also gives you the breakdown of the behaviors of people with other styles. This better enables me to understand the motivations and styles of people who are D style, or S or C. Finally, the profile provides three key strategies that might help me work more effectively with all the people in your workplace. I will definitely be taking these strategies to task and ensure that I work on them and show myself progress.

I encourage you to take your own profile and learn about your behaviors. Remember that DiSC is not a personality test– it evaluates your behaviors and people can change their behaviors; perhaps not drastically, but knowing motivators and limitations can help you know where to make adjustments.

I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about my workplace behavioral style. If you have taken the DiSC and we are connected somehow– please share with me your style so we can learn a bit more about each other. I love learning and sharing!

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