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Find me all over the internet, wherever you want to connect! You’ll see me active on most major social platforms and you can engage me in conversation anywhere. Join me and the fun network of people I’ve connected to.


Connect with me in a space of ideas. On Twitter, you’ll find me mostly sharing the philosophical side of Marketing and Personal Development. I dig into the “why” behind brands, strategy, social marketing, and even office life and personal development.

I’d love to start a conversation with you, whether it begins with a reply to one of my tweets or you tag me in one of your thoughts! Let’s chat!

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Connect with me in a professional space. On LinkedIn, you’ll find me mostly sharing content on Multifamily Management and Marketing, Team Leadership, Personal Development, and Personal Branding.

If you’re looking for a job or the next step in your career, please connect with me and reach out if there’s anyone in my network to introduce you to. I’m here to support you!


Connect with me in my A E S T H E T I C platform.

This is my space where you’ll see a bit more of the visual part of my experiences. Whether I’m taking a stroll and stop to share a view of what my eyes are seeing or getting screen grabs of my work, this is all visual.

Tag me, tag me, tag me. I love seeing all the beautiful things you bring into the world.


Connect with me in a world of imagination and dreams. On Tumblr, mostly none of the photos are my own, but rather found in the deep corners of the internet fueling my dream state.

If you want to see all the places I dream of visiting or all the visuals that pop in my mind and define my perspective of the world, hit me up here. As always, tag me in anything you see that I might love!


Connect with me and let’s read together! If you are looking for inspiration on what I’m currently reading or what I recommend from past read books, then you’ll want to join me on Goodreads.

Please comment on any of my notes or highlights or start a conversation with me about why some books I read were great or lackluster. I’m always down for a new recommendation, if you have one!


Put a pin in it! I’m saving all the inspirational and awesome pictures I can find for my business, my color palettes, and more. You’ll probably find a few boards for my future dogs as well! 😂

Follow me on Pinterest and let’s share inspiration.


Connect with me in a place where opinions live! On Facebook, you’ll find a little bit of everything. I bring in content from all other platforms and you’ll get a healthy mix of fun, professional, philosophical, and pithy witticisms.

Regardless, if you’re into Facebook, connect with me here and you’ll get a taste of stuff from other platforms. Tag me in any post or reply that you think I’d be interested in. I’m always down for news and conversation.