Most of these recommendations are displayed on my LinkedIn Profile with additional references provided by a physical written letter. These professional testimonials are presented in the order of the date received.

Karen Brandell

Vice President of Educational Services at Concord Rents

Association • Concord Rents

Karen Brandell

Glyph Quote Open I had the privilege to work directly with Jake on my training team at Concord Management. I believe what made Jake so outstanding was his ability to not only design content that was relevant to his class participants, but also present the topic in a meaningful way that made the training fun. It is a fact that when students at any level are enjoying the learning, they retain the content. Whether it was a one-on-one coaching session or a full classroom, Jake always gave 100% and his evaluations were always outstanding.
••• November 2019


Deborah Westphal, CPM® ARM®

Association Executive Director at IREM® Georgia

Association • IREM® Region 4

Deborah Westphal, CPM® ARM®

Glyph Quote Open Jake Zachariah is a multi-talented property management professional. His expertise coupled with his creativity are two traits that continue to make him a success in the industry. Jake is also an asset to the IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) organization as well. Couldn’t ask for a better gentleman that is a man of his word and consistently over delivers with a smile.
••• August 2017


Ashlee (Frost) Partin

Account Executive at Affinity Waste Solutions

Association • AAGO

Ashlee (Frost) Partin

Glyph Quote Open Jake is an outgoing, Innovative, career motivated individual that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an individual that will stand out in all the best ways. He’s confident & very team oriented!
••• August 2017


Rosalie Oms

Assistant Property Manager at Finlay Management

Association • RAIT Residential, AAGO

Rosalie Oms

Glyph Quote Open Jake is an amazing worker very responsible outgoing knowledgeable professional. He is also extremely reliable and great trainer.
••• August 2017


Chris Buker, MSM

General Manager

Association • Best Buy


Glyph Quote Open When it comes to relationship building, teamwork, and being a true advocate for his clients one of the few people that immediately comes to mind is Jake. Jake has a true talent for making the connections that mean the most in business. It was a true pleasure to lead and work with Jake.
••• February 2017


Jonathan Sanchez

Senior Service Manager at Concord Rents

Association • RAIT Residential, Concord Rents

Jonathan Sanchez

Glyph Quote Open Jake is a great asset to how gather on his team , also austanding [sic] work and personal ethics, great team player and knowledge always to meet the expectations.
••• February 2017


Meridythe Kanaga, CPM® IAE

President at Mark Management,
IREM® Association Executive

Association • IREM® Central Florida

Meridythe Kanaga, CPM®

Glyph Quote Open I became acquainted with Jake Zachariah when he joined the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Central Florida Chapter No. 60 in August, 2013 of which I am past president and currently the Association Executive. It is a pleasure to know Jake and work with him as a volunteer in this non-profit educational organization.
Within the first month, Jake became a volunteer giving of his time to our social media committee bringing it to a new level of engagement from our members and friends. No matter what we have asked of him to help out in our chapter, he has always done it willingly and with a smile. That is a rare commodity in the business world.
Although I have not worked directly with Jake in the property management field, I would recommend him to a company that wants an enthusiastic and energetic employee. His skills and knowledge of the apartment industry combined with his technological abilities would add real value to his employer.
••• April 2015


Joe Gonzales, CAPS CAM

Regional Manager at Bell Partners

Association • Fairfield Residential, IREM®, AAGO

Joe Gonzalez, CAPS CAM

Glyph Quote Open I was fortunate enough to have Jake on my team when we worked together at Fairfield Residential. From the start, Jake was an asset. His intelligent and thoughtful approach to projects instantly made him the “go to” person. He made difficult tasks seem simple and he finished these tasks with precision and finesse. In no time, Jake was asked to be a “Team Trainer” and help mentor new associates. Jake approached each training session with excitement and professionalism and was effective, making Jake one of the most sought after employees I have ever seen. He was needed and he stepped up to the plate every time, no matter what was asked of him. Jake is a well-rounded associate who would benefit any team that was lucky enough to have him. I count myself one of those lucky people who had the great pleasure of working with someone as talented as him.
••• February 2015


Janice Cardona Bulla

Leasing Consultant at ELement National Management

Association • ELement National Management

Janice Cardona Bulla

Glyph Quote Open Jake is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.
I highly recommend Jake for any managerial position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.
••• August 2013

Steve Wunch

Sr. Learning and Development Consultant

Association • Equity Residential, AIMCO

Steve Wunch

Glyph Quote Open I have had the privilege of working with Jake at both Aimco and Equity. I actually recruited Jake to join Equity when I made the move, as he is a hard worker, GREAT customer experience provider, and exceptional leasing consultant. He is creative, witty, and has too many other exceptional qualities to mention. Jake is always looking to improve personal performance, impact business results, and develop his career path to the next level. Jake is a true asset to any organization.
••• February 2013


Kathanne Schulte

Account Representative at CORT

Association • Camden

Katt Schulte

Glyph Quote Open Jake is a detailed oriented leasing consultant and Multifamily expert. He is well connected in the industry and builds great relationships from step one of meeting someone. Jake provides great customer service and provides experience, knowledge, and a positive demeanor in every interaction. He continues to find ways to improve himself and his companies bottom line. He cares geniunely about each clients needs and seeks to find solutions to any issue that may arise.
••• October 2012


Tracy Knorr

Property Manager at Equity Residential

Association • Equity Residential

Tracy Knorr

Glyph Quote Open To Whom It May Concern:
Mr. Jake Zachariah has been a leasing consultant in my employment [sic] for the past year. His exceptional work ethic, professionalism, positive outlook, dedication and desire for not only self improvement, but the overall production of the property has made it a joy to work with him and contributed to his overall success of the company.
He possess the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. His upbeat personality, engaging personal style, and understand of interpersonal communication enabled him to interact and communicate effectively with everyone even under the most difficulty [sic] situations.
Jake has excelled in his role and brought innovative ideas which have resulted in vast savings for the company. Within in [sic] his first 6 months he was recognized as top in sales for his tier. In addition, he consistently take the initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of his job. His talents for his literary prowess was quickly recognized and has been utilized in various ways including drafting branded templates for national email correspondence and publishing several motivating sales technique articles on Equity Residential’s “Resources, News, and Exchange.”
I am delighted to write this recommendation for Jake because I am very grateful for his contributions to our office and very confident that he has the intelligence, work ethics and technical skills to be a valuable contribution. I sincerely hope that you are able to have the opportunity to know Jake Zachariah. Please fell [sic] free to contact me if you have any questions about this outstanding young man.
••• February 2011


Simon Enright

Account Manager at Arbor Contract Carpet

Association • AIMCO

Simon Enright

Glyph Quote Open Jake was a great colleague. He has such a variety of skills and could not just complete projects assigned to him, but exceed expectations on a consistent basis. He has great people skills and is easy to work with in a competitive sales environment. In addition, his computer skills and marketing ideas are priceless. I was always able to count on him to step up and help. To this day a variety of properties are still using his marketing ideas and materials created on a daily basis.
••• January 2010


Tiffany Hull Krimsley, CAM

Senior Property Manager at South Oxford Management

Association • AIMCO, AAGO

Tiffany Hull Krimsley, CAM

Glyph Quote Open Jake was a delite [sic] to work with. He always provided excellent customer service and the knowledge that he brings with the industry and the company he worked for proved him to be an asset to both the community and the company. I would recommend Jake in the future for any avenue that he chooses to pursue.
••• June 2009


Jonathan Boone

Community Development Manager at Weller Management, LLC

Association • AIMCO

Jonathan Boone

Glyph Quote Open Jacob was an employee that was very dependable and precise with his daily duties. It was a pleasure to work side by side with him and he would be a great addition to any organization.
••• March 2009


Heather Riggs

Vice President of Multi-Family Operations at Continental Properties Company, Inc.

Association • AIMCO

Heather Riggs

Glyph Quote Open Jake always showed great attention to customer focus, and worked diligently to increase attendance at Community events. Under Jake’s leadership Sun Lake’s Lifestyle Program excelled, encompassing a greater number of events and outreach to a larger customer base. Simultaneously, Jake was mindful of expenses, and he came up with creative ways to reduce cost to the property. Jake continually went out of his way to help customers, and make them feel at home at Sun Lake. His ability to maintain a positive attitude at all times encouraged our residents and his coworkers. Jake has a passion for excellence that is contagious and his dedication to the success of AIMCO is a testament to his true leadership and professionalism. I hope to have the honor to work with Jake again in the future.
••• February 2009


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